In honor of Human Rights Day, I wanted to post this piece I wrote a while back. We are all different, but we will never make change unless we act as one. Take a stand for what you believe in. Never let evil win. YOU can … Read more

img_8348#collegetouracrossthenation Day Two & Three

A continuation of the #collegetouracrossthenation series featuring Brown University and Yale University. Read here

harvard_01#collegetouracrossthenation Day One

Hello everyone! I am just about halfway through junior year, so the college tours have officially commenced! We decided that Thanksgiving Break would be a good time to knock some visits out, so my mom and I have embarked on the #collegetouracrossthenation…Read more

IMG_2923Adventure Amidst A Tropical Storm

Recently, a “Before I Die” chalk wall was
installed on the Riverwalk along the Hillsborough River. People have written things they want to do/see/experience before they die all over this wall. Genevieve and I decided it… Read more

img_6790-1 August Mood Board & Playlist

A compilation of pictures & songs that express what I was feeling at 11:30 PM on a quiet Saturday night of August… Read more

img_6778August Favorites

Since August is about to end, I decided I would do my very first monthly favorites blog posts! Although I blog often about pressing issues, it’s nice to take a step back and just reflect on the things I enjoyed in August… Read more

635910163086039953-2135351745_635869567789769950311771251_ineedfeminismbecause7 Songs You Didn’t Even Realize Were Misogynistic Until Now

We all know that there is a lot of misogyny in the media. Music, television, on the internet. It’s everywhere. The worst part is that some of it is so deeply embedded and hidden that you don’t even notice it’s there. Mas… Read more

gallery-1436825611-clueless.jpegClueless: Friday Night Thoughts Out of Boredom

I’ve always thought it’d be a nice thing to be clueless. Seriously. To live with no worries; never overthinking anything. To sit there and just be completely happy. I see the worst in people. It’s something I wish I didn… Read more

tumblr_mqh5fvjJil1qdrz3yo1_500FRANK OCEAN: Where he at though?

It’s been a little over 4 years since Frank Ocean’s first album, channel ORANGE, was released. It’s also been over a year since Frank Ocean’s newest album Boys Don’t Cry was supposed to leave the dark cave in which all o… Read more

MY FIRStumblr_nwgts7plaN1s3ae41o1_500T HATER (And I Love It)

I noticed recently that someone who had once been a good friend of mine had unfollowed me on most social media outlets. I was initially confused, but then pushed it to the back of my mind. I was later informed that the r… Read more