Hello & welcome to The F-Word! I’m Brooke Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of this lovely blog. This blog was formerly known as Girl Meets Complicated World, created as my personal outlet. I simply wanted to provide my own input on the issues afflicting the world and females. One of my favorite quotes is: “You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say” (F. Scott Fitzgerald). I’ve always believed that to be true about myself and have always wanted to make an impact on the world using my words.

As Girl Meets Complicated World grew, I grew too. I decided that my blog shouldn’t just be a place for myself. My blog should be a community. A community for anyone, but particularly females. There’s not enough girl power in this world and that has always been something I’ve been really passionate about: spreading girl power! While sitting in a little restaurant in Boston (right outside of Harvard actually…I guess brain power really does radiate out of there), I came up with an idea: Why don’t I make my blog a collaborative experience? A place where anyone could express themselves, free their minds, and make their own? I decided that what I wanted to do with my blog was expand it.

This blog is so important to me and I knew that the voices of many other females would only improve it. So, Girl Meets Complicated World became The F-Word. A blog for females by females. The F-Word is a place for females to discover themselves, express themselves, learn, and teach. I hope you are able to grow as you read and explore this website.

Meet the Team

Coming soon with full pictures and descriptions of each member of The F-Word blog squad!






We are always looking for more voices to add to The F-Word blog squad! Contact us if you’re interested in being a full-time author or part-time contributor: thefwordblogging@gmail.com