Introducing: The F-Word

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that the blog formerly known as Girl Meets Complicated World got a bit of a makeover. Or actually a complete makeover. You may have a lot of questions. Or none. I am here to answer those:

Girl Meets Complicated World was my personal outlet. A place I could empty my thoughts and express myself. Girl Meets Complicated World grew a lot, thanks to you guys. I really can’t say enough to express my appreciation for everyone who supported me and read my posts. I was so happy with where Girl Meets Complicated World was going, but one day, I thought of how the blog could be even better.

That was when the idea of a collaborative blog crossed my mind. I wanted Girl Meets Complicated World to be powerful; I wanted it to make an impact and help create change. Could I do this alone? Maybe. But I knew that if I gathered a group of strong, independent females with distinct voices that it would definitely be possible.

It began with a text. Soon, I had 10 girls who were eager to share their thoughts with the world. After doing some brainstorming, we decided Girl Meets Complicated World didn’t fit us anymore. But The F-Word did.

We made the switch to The F-Word. And no, The F-Word is not supposed to represent that profane word you’re thinking of. The F-Word is a sensitive word, yet a very powerful one: female. It is so powerful that many are too afraid to even speak about this topic, this group of people, this mighty force. Many people have a hard time addressing the issues that plague this segment of the population.

We are here to make change, make a difference, and speak freely. For you and for me. That is why I created The F-Word. I didn’t just want my blog to be a place for me, but a place for everyone. A place that everyone could feel a part of. No one is excluded from this conversation.

With that being said, THE F-WORD IS NOT A PLACE FOR MAN-HATING. Empowering women does not involve undermining men. Equality will only exist when both parties understand each other. The F-Word is something everyone can take part in, regardless of your gender. Men, we need you. Please don’t neglect our issues and our voices. We need you to be a part of this conversation in order to make change.

The F-Word is a place for everyone. This will certainly be a journey for me, and I encourage you to join me and my team as we create, explore, and influence.

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Lainey Shapiro

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