MY FIRST HATER (and I love it)

I noticed recently that someone who had once been a good friend of mine had unfollowed me on most social media outlets. I was initially confused, but then pushed it to the back of my mind. I was later informed that the reason the person had unfollowed me was because they had read my blog and were against my feminist views and didn’t like the fact that I only shaved my legs when I felt like it (refer to post: “Why IDGAF About Shaving My Legs). At first, I was baffled. This person used to be one of my best friends and they were so quick to delete me out of their life now that I was expressing my thoughts and accomplishing something I had been eager to do. I was hurt, quite frankly, and confused how this person could be so immature.

But then I got excited. This was officially my first hater! This was the first person to express their opposition to my writing. In this moment, I began to feel like a true journalist. Where’s the fun in sharing your opinions and words with the world if someone doesn’t disagree with you? This is what blogging is all about. The purpose of blogging is to start something. Get people thinking. Questioning their views. Reflecting. Debating. Challenging.

The other day, a friend and I had a heated debate over feminism and gender equality on an Instagram picture of mine. The reason this debate began was because I had posted a picture of my blog and “feminism” was in the tag line of my blog. Like so:

Anyways, although my friend and I both discovered we have very different and opposing views, I was so proud that my blog started something. A conversation. A debate. That’s the beautiful thing about having a blog. A blog has the ability to start a fire. It has the ability to create something. And that’s what I love most about having a blog.

So, thanks to my very first hater. And to the rest of the haters I hope to have. You guys are the reason I’m here doing my thing. You guys give my writing purpose and give me a reason to keep fighting  and sharing what I believe in. They say: “Can’t see the haters.” But haters, I see you. And I cherish you. Keep hatin’.

Lainey Shapiro

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