I never knew losing weight would be so HARD. I knew I’d have to face a lot of obstacles in doing so, but man, I really did not think it would be so difficult.

Let me give you some background. Weight is something I’ve been struggling with my entire life. No, I am not obese or extremely overweight, but I’ve never been considered “skinny” and my doctor seems to constantly tell me it’s time to lose, like, twenty pounds (and so has my entire family). Regardless of what anyone has told me, I’ve never been happy with the image I see in the mirror. So, I decided I didn’t want to feel insecure at the beach and pool anymore.

First of all, losing weight is apparently not all about just exercise. It’s about cautious eating, too, which is an area I am not very familiar with. I love to eat; most of us do. I look forward to every meal. Eating is a break from whatever I’m doing; it allows me to step away from my responsibilities and enjoy myself for a half hour (or maybe longer depending on the level of procrastination I’m experiencing). I’m doing the best I can to skip out on dessert, eat smaller portions, avoid overeating, and stop snacking, but it’s hard, man. Sometimes you do these things without even thinking about it. Sometimes I just eat because I’m bored. Am I hungry during these moments? Not really. I’m just bored. So I eat. And that’s that.

Okay, so, even if weight loss was only about exercise, that part is hard too! I’ve been using this fitness website called “Spotebi,” which provides different workouts and programs, targeting different areas of the body. Before performing each workout, Spotebi advises you to do some warm-up exercises, which are also provided for you. Let me tell you…after doing the warm-up exercises, I’M DEAD. DONE. I could leave the gym and go home right then! Just warming up is enough for me! I’m sweating balls and panting my ass off, and then I have to follow that with an ENTIRE workout. I did not sign up for this.

Now the problem is the weight I lose is very, very easy to gain back, apparently. I had lost eight pounds, right? I go away to a leadership seminar for two days. Two days. Obviously I had no access to a gym or free time to do a few exercises. Not to mention, I was fed PDQ, Chick-Fil-A, Hungry Howie’s, Dunkin Donuts, you get the drift. So, I wasn’t working out and I was eating, well, unhealthy. But we’re talking two days here. I got home and I weighed myself..I had gained FIVE POUNDS. In two days! It’s things like these that make you wonder if there is really even a point to losing weight.

The worst part of all is that I barely see results. I work so hard and I’m still waiting to see a difference. Even when I had lost eight pounds, I did not see a difference in my body. I think my body is holding on to the fat for its dear life. Maybe it’s stocking up for the winter? I don’t know, seems kinda early for that? Nevertheless, I’m praying that results show up soon. Because if they don’t, I will officially declare that losing weight is in fact overrated…and then I will return to my couch with a box of donuts and a liter of Coke. YOLO (are the kids still saying that these days?) !!!


Lainey Shapiro

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